Post 1.0

The purpose of this blog is to give me peace of mind.  Hard drives fail,  data can be lost.  3D modeling is a hobby of mine, one that can require 10+ hours of work to complete a single scene.  If all my work is on this site, I have nothing to fear.  Since I love the work I do, and since I love talking about the work I do, this site will be written in a educational fashion with portfolio-like overtones.

This has consequences, however.  As I primarily plan on using this site as storage space, I cannot use image formats with lossy compression.  I need the original images to be perfectly preserved.  Ironically, I settled with the JPEG format.  JPEG is traditionally known as a lossy format.  It is likely the most common image format in the world today.  However, JPEGs offer a wide range of options when it comes to the final compression.  It is possible to set the picture quality to 100% and achieve lossless compression.  Interestingly enough, a lossless JPEG is smaller than a PNG.  PNGs are the standard in lossless compression these days, but I found that a JPEG set to 100% quality was almost half the size it’s respective PNG.  PNGs save an additional channel over the red, green, and blue that most other formats use.  PNGs have an alpha channel.  The alpha value of each pixel determines how transparent that pixel is.  Being able to paint transparency right onto an image is precisely what makes PNGs so useful.  They are heavily used in photo editing software.  Using the Gimp, it is possible to save a PNG without including the alpha channel.  For whatever reason, the JPEG was still smaller.  It sounds strange to say it, but in order to preserve perfect quality, I’m going to use the JPEG image format.

EDIT: I just found out that WordPress compresses files after you upload them.  Grrrr……

EDIT: I was wrong.  WordPress doesn’t compress the image.  Ignore the last comment.

Finally, there is the matter of software.  Unless otherwise stated, you can assume I have used Art Of Illusion for most of the work.  Any texture creation has likely been done in the Gimp.  I also have an extensive library of textures that contain most of the image textures you will see.  This library of textures has slowly grown over the last five years.  Google image search is an exceptionally handy tool.  Unfortunately, I can’t specify the websites I got them from, as I never kept track.

If, for some reason, you’re reading this and you’re NOT me, I will be surprised if you last more than one post.  I seem to have the ability to talk for a very long time when it’s about 3D modeling.  I will try to explain things well, but I will likely use words you don’t understand.


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